Salina Elementary

Volunteers Needed

WE NEED YOUR HELP! As you may already know, Dearborn Public Schools is hosting a Dearborn FLL Spring Tournament for 36 FLL robotics teams from around the state on Saturday, May 12. The event will run from 8-5:30. (These times do not include early volunteer registration before AND clean up after the event.) Seven of the FLL teams are rookie Dearborn Public School teams.

PLEASE register to volunteer TODAY!

We need over 100 volunteers to make this event a success. Please go to to sign up to volunteer or log-in with your account if you have volunteered for us in the past. If you have registered as a FIRST volunteer before, you will not have to go through the screening/background check for three years. A screening/background check will be required for new volunteers.

For extra help, visit for steps on how to volunteer.

Please spread the word and recruit volunteer 18 years and older. Please go to to learn more about FIRST LEGO League (FLL).

The event will be held at McCollough Unis (7801 Maple St, Dearborn, MI 48126