Chief Hadad Asks for Community Support

Chief Hadad is asking for community support to reduce the number of assaults in Dearborn. Please read his message below. July 14, 2014 DEAR : SUBJECT: SEEKING SUPPORT IN REDUCING ASSAULTS AND BATTERY Recently, we have seen an increase in the amount of assault & Battery incidents throughout the community. These are violent and potentially …

It’s Electric

This week our science activity was circuit boards. You can see from the video that kids made some great projects and learned lots of facts about electricity.Electricity

Dearborn Summer Game Design Challenge

Have you ever thought of making a game? Mrs. Alvarado is challenging all elementary students to think of design and make their own card or board game. The grand prize will be a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. Rules 1. Must be produced by the child, not the parent. 2. Must have written rules. …

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